"Starting the BTEC course was the best decision I ever made, it helped me in so many ways, without it I wouldn't have the confidence I have today, I wouldn't have the knowledge of all the different dance styles we studied throughout the two years. What I love the most is that all the teachers really push you to the best of your ability, they know you can do more without you even realising. I wouldn't of been able to get myself a job at Disneyland Paris if it hadn't of been for the intense training that I received from the BTEC course. Some days you question yourself and you ask, 'am I doing the right thing?' But it's times when you accomplish something great that you then turn around and say 'yeah that was worth it!' Without Pete or Toni I wouldn't be where I am today and I am so grateful for having them help me through all my hard times and keeping me on track. I made a family for life and can't wait to see what else is in store for the future."
Emma Peel - Btec Graduate 2017. Disneyland Paris Parade Performer

"The BTEC course is demanding and professionally run, which gives you the skills, insight and opportunities to enter the dance world. It is thoroughly enjoyable, as it is physically demanding. The teaching staff are all professional or ex professional dancers and choreographers that know the industry inside out and will give you the best training for you to succeed. Having gained D*D*D*, enough technique, performance and the correct mind-set from the course, I am now able to train even further. In my daily classes, I am constantly recalling and implementing everything I learned through their training; I am very lucky to have this head start to my career. I would not be as successful, or have become the dancer I am without Old School and the BTEC course."
Xoe Wailes - Btec Graduate 2017. Chantry School of Contemporary & Balletic Arts

"The BTEC course was the most challenging but the best two years of my training. The teaching I received was from professional dancers will be something I remember forever. Without it I definitely would not have received my place at LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts). The course not only improved my technique and confidence in a range of dance styles but it also taught me about my mental attitude and how to portray myself in life. I am so grateful for the 2 years I spent with Pete and Toni. Without the training and advice they offered I would not be the dancer I am today."
Emma Love - Btec Graduate 2017. Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. (LIPA)

"The training I received from Peter (Coenen, Old School Danceworks Principal) was an all-round training making me physically and mentally stronger as a dancer, pushing my body to its limits. This enabled me to gain a stronger technique in all dance styles."
Nathan Graham, professional dancer whose latest role is in London’s West End in the stage production of Thriller. His other credits include X factor, Brit Awards, Royal Variety and Loserville West End.

"I can honestly say in these two years I trained with Peter (Coenen, Old School Danceworks Principal), I went from a shy timid dancer to a dancer who was strong, flexible and had mountains of confidence. This was down to Peter Coenen, he taught us that anyone can dance if they put the effort in 'there is no such word as CAN'T'. I owe him so much, I truly developed as a dancer within those two years, and I would recommend that training to anyone who loves to dance."
Helena Micklethwaite, professional dancer who performed in the closing ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics.

"I found the two years spent training with Peter Coenen (old School Dancework's Principal) both motivating and inspirational. The training enhanced my strength, flexibility and all round dance technique. Training with Peter Coenen prepared me to go into the industry as a confident performer."
Sian Farr professional dancer, latest contract with Nuevo Milenium Ballet, Los Cabos, Mexico. Previous contracts with Dance Performance (Los Cabos) Dreams Hotel (Los Cabos) and Club Maeva (Manzanillo)